New Dental Patients – Asheville, NC

We’re Excited to See You!

Our practice is committed to providing you and your family with high-quality dental care, that is both safe and effective. We understand that you, or your child, may feel anxious about visiting the dentist. We are sensitive to your needs, and it is our goal to make you feel at ease while visiting our practice, all while providing the best care possible.

Your First Visit

During your first visit, we will review your dental and medical history, listen to any concerns or questions you may have regarding your Dental Health and take any necessary Digital X-rays of your teeth and mouth. Then, the doctor and hygienist will meet with you to perform a complete exam of not only your teeth, but also your gums, occlusion, TMJ, and a thorough Oral Cancer screening. We will use all of this information, along with intra-oral pictures to help you create your own individual treatment plan. We will explain any different options that you may have and answer any questions that you may have. Assuming that your treatment plan does not require a more involved cleaning (deep cleaning), we will clean and polish your teeth at this appointment as well.

Should you need a deeper cleaning that may take multiple appointments, we may start it at the first appointment (time permitting) or schedule it again soon with a proper length appointment time. Our goal is to make you comfortable, and to help get your mouth and smile as healthy as possible and then to build a long-term relationship and help you keep it that way!

Bring Your Smile and Dental Information

With the help of a dental insurance plan, you can save money on your most essential treatments as well as make your care more predictable. We are currently in-network with Delta Dental, but we are happy to file all types of insurance policies on your behalf. Our team members are educated on maximizing dental insurance plans to the fullest, ensuring you get the most out of your entitled benefits.

Please bring these important documents:
  • Medical or dental insurance cards
  • A list of medications that you are currently taking
  • Patient Forms (these are available to download on our website)
  • Any current x-rays (within 6 months) from your previous dentist. You can have them forwarded to our office via mail or email.

Please have your parent or guardian come with you to your first visit if you are under the age of 18 years old.

If you have any concerning medical conditions, please alert our office before your dental cleaning or dental surgery. Some of these conditions can include joint replacement within the past 6 months, high blood pressure, diabetes, artificial heart valves, rheumatic fever etc. Please let our office know if you are on any medications such as heart medications, anticoagulant therapy, aspirin etc. or if you require any medication prior to dental cleanings such as antibiotics for premedication.

Regular checkups are an important part of maintaining a healthy smile!

The American Dental Association recommends visiting your dentist at least every six months for regular checkups and routine teeth cleanings to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

We look forward to meeting you and Love New Patients!

Make a Payment

We strive to make your dental treatments comfortable and your visits as pleasant as possible. Of course, convenience is also crucial to your patient experience, which is why we’ve included the option to pay for your dental services entirely online! Simply follow the link below and provide us with your name, date of birth, and card information as well as the amount you are due. Who thought covering the cost of dental care could be so easy?